13 Jun 2013

Five areas where process mapping can be used to improve your business

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Every business recognizes the need to reduce risks, improve productivity and enhance the quality of their products and services.

To meet these objectives, business professionals use a range of software tools that assist in aligning tasks and processes towards an efficient business management. A process mapping software is one such tool that has now become an integral part of a business system and is widely recommended for continuous improvement and enhancing operational efficiency.

This article highlights five key areas where process mapping can help businesses achieve an improved communication and better business results:

  1. Improve Process Efficiency - Process mapping tools play a critical role in defining procedure steps, identifying bottlenecks earlier in the process development stage and performing a gap analysis. Tools like Allclear make process mapping fast and simple with the unique text-to-chart functionality and enable analysis of the “what-if” scenario. Through process maps, the teams can improve efficiency by increasing visibility of processes, narrowing down the focus on critical aspects and eliminating errors before initiating the procedure.
  2. Motivate Project Teams - Mapping complex processes in easy-to- understand procedures simplifies the job for each team member and clearly defines the tasks they are responsible for. This directly results in highly involved and motivated teams, thereby improving the process ownership and team performance.
  3. Sustain Compliance - The growth of competition and stringent laws require every business to ensure quality is maintained up to the industry standards and find ways to continually improve documents. In addition, it is important that the staff is trained per the required skills, know what their jobs are and perform these jobs correctly. Process maps are an easy and great way to create a “culture of continuous improvement” by providing an overall framework and detailed process steps making it simple for the user to learn new processes and refresh existing knowledge. Once your staff knows their tasks and demonstrate that they are doing it right, you can be assured of regulatory compliance and happy auditors.
  4. Enhance Team Collaboration - Many businesses face the challenge of integrating departments and teams that are a part of a supply chain. We’ve all faced situations where a change in a process step in one department has lead to a change in the SOP for another department. Using process maps is an ideal way to communicate any process changes and connect different teams to meet project timelines.
  5. Improve Customer Experience - Good processes result in good product and service quality; and that directly leads to happy customers! Process maps are an ideal way to address processes that directly impact customer experience including product quality, service delivery time, ordering procedures and communication effectiveness.

There are many benefits to using process maps within your business and virtually all departments can make use of the process mapping tools to detail out complex procedures and enhance visibility amongst teams and departments. Process maps are not restricted to any particular business type or industry, universally understood and aid communication and generation of ideas.

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